Thursday, November 4, 2010

Janice 1st Birthday Bash (PART 1): The cake, the door gifts and the arrival of guest


Baby Minnie themed 3 tier birthday cake for the little princess

I took leave on the eve of Janice's birthday to bake the cakes for the Minnie mouse theme party. Yiyi came over to my place that night and we started decorating. It took us 4 hours to complete the 2 tier decoration. The white cake with polka dots is made of Styrofoam inside ;).  Surprisingly, the difficult part of assembling the cake wasn't the making of Minnie Mouse sugar figurine but to me, it was the covering of  rolled fondant on the cake. It took us forever to do it! At 3:30am on the 30th Oct 2010, our 1st fondant cake was finally ready. *sweat*

                                                           THE DOOR GIFTS
Photo taken by Zara's mama. I was too busy that day, I terforgot to take a pic of the cookies for remembrance.

As for the door gifts for the guest, I've ordered these beautiful Minnie themed cookies from Zara's mama. I love her work and the cookies tasted great.

Each cookies we individually wrapped!!
                                                         THE PRE-CELEBRATION
She woke up to receive her  birthday presents from daddy and mommy!

The birthday girl woke up pretty early at 7 ish in the morning to greet the sleepy parents. She usually wakes up way past 8:30am on a normal day. Looks like she knew something was going to happen on that Saturday.She was so bubbly and happy the moment she woke. Daddy and mommy sang her the birthday song while we were still lazing on our bed and she was clapping her hands with excitement.

                                                                  DRESSING UP

After stuffing her with a power packed early lunch, it was time for the little princess to dress up for the party.Thank God she was cooperative that day with her new shoes. Usually, she'll find ways to remove them as soon as you put them on.

Janice's dressing up 30 minutes before party starts.

Her 1st pair of walking shoes. I love them more than her. She is not use to wearing shoes yet :0

                                                                THE PARTY

Everything went well according to my expectations. The Balloons from Balloon Buzz arrived on time to decorate the entire cafe. When we arrived, everything was in place according to plan. My princess was enjoying herself looking at all the colourful balloons floating around her!

Popo(grandma) showing Janice around the party venue.

Thanks to Balloon Buzz for delivering them on time and the balloon arrangement was simple and nice!

Grand aunt FL said "I can buy lottery already, Janice allowed me to carry her today" :D

The Sun, Chew & Chanclans reunited

It was a great opportunity for the family members to gather together on special occasions like these.

Something happened on the way to the cafe. Part of the cake was exposed to the sunlight in daddy's car, the back of the cake (lilac layer) was slighted melted. Thanks to the cafe boss for her help. She reassured me that she'll take care of the 'repairs'. SHE DID! I almost felt like giving her a big wet kiss.

Great grandpopo wishing the little party girl a blessed birthday!

Great Grand ah ma trying to let her hold the double blessings.

Grandma came to give the little sweety pie a gift while she looks on

Kong Kong trying to woo her :p


The birthday girl sitting among the party guest..

More photos to come....


  1. Left Minnie.. Right Minnie..
    Up Minnie.. Down Minnie...
    Happy Birthday Janice, hope you didn't get your teeth black... I mean... hope you like the cookies.

  2. hi..coming by via Annie Q's blog.. what a lovely party for Janice.. so memorable.. wait till she is big enough to read this post, she will be very happy!

  3. Zara's mama: Actually, I did had a piece of the cookie on the day hubby brought them home. Yes, my teeth was black after eating them but who cares, they're sooooo delicious!

    Reanaclaire: Thanks for dropping by. This blog would be more like a e-diary for me to read when I'm old and grey :p