Thursday, November 17, 2011

A conversation with Janice about siblings

Lately, my 24mth old princess must be feeling a little bored playing with non other than the daddy and mummy at home. She's forcing us to sit on her tiny push cars and scooters which can only hold weight not more than 15kgs! She's beginning to feel very upset when visitors leaving especially if these visitors played and read with her. She also started to have imaginary friends.

So one night, during our cuddling session before she goes to bed, we strike out a conversation

Mummy: Janice, do you want titi/meimei
Janice: *Nod head* Yes, I want titi
Mummy: 0.o Erm... Why titi, why not mei mei?
Janice: I want titi
Mummy: *Just to confirm if she understand the word titi*, So you want a boy or a girl?
Janice: BOY *With a very firm voice*
Mummy: Ok, you can pray and ask God to give you a titi but remember, titi or mei mei is still God's present to
Janice: Can play cooking or no (not) with Janice?
Mummy: Yes dear
Janice: Can read (with) Janice?
Mummy: Yes darling
Janice: *Nod head and smile*
Janice: ONE ONLY Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Mummy : *ROTFL*

*A note of reminder to daddy "ONE ONLY Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"* hahahahahah

Monday, October 17, 2011

Janice's first Sunday School @ 23mths old

We're glad she's adapting well during her first Sunday school session. Dancing, singing and even pray with her eyes closed! Praise The Lord!

And now we can only hope soon, we can leave her in the Sunday school so we can enjoy the sermon in the main hall :).

The gal who loves SOUP & RICE

Caption of her enjoying her 2 favorite food. Rice & Soup. We're glad she could feed herself pretty well since 1.5yrs old.

Janice's first LRT experience @ 23mths

 I told her to stay behind the yellow line and all the safety precaution when taking the LRT. She cheekily stays in the black box for "EXTRA" precaution.

Children are so innocent and easily pleased. She was so excited throughout the ride. We heard her singing to herself, She told us the train was waiting for people to get up and down as the train stops. Oh and yes, she also complained that the train is "NOISYYYY".

Her favourite hand-out place

She loves the water

Janice loves the water so much that grandparents bought her a 7feet wide pool in Ipoh. Their precious granddaughter can now play in it whenever she is back in Ipoh. :s

Wok with Janice

 During the Raya holidays, daddy decided to upgrade her masak-masak set to a life size kitchen set.

She was overly excited trying to help daddy with the assembling. 

Nampak gigi, tak nampak mata!

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi (TWICE)

YUP! Twice in a month..all because little Janice loves the performance on stage and we love the relaxing "eat full nothing to do" environment whereby we can relax and distress :p

Watching her cartoons on TV in the suite.

She was relaxing on the bed after a warm shower. Right after her milk, she fell asleep until dinner time.


 In the evenings, we parade along the street with our lanterns.

The smile on her face.... PRICELESS!

Father's Day 2011

Customised mugs from Janice to daddy and granddad

 Gave a mug to daddy and so wanted to run away from the camera :D

Another to granddad and granddad didn't allow her to escape until the photo was taken.

A'Famosa Malacca

It was granddad's birthday and also grandparent's anniversary. We went to A'Famosa Malacca.

 Daddy was watching as you show him the "I'm having a headache" look . We were waiting for our food at the Cowboy town.

 Mummy & Janice walking down the cowboy town.

 We went back to our rented bungalow for the cake cutting session.

 As always... you were all cheery and happy throughout the entire trip

 Having fun with Kakak.

Daddy brought us to Avillion Resort PD

 It was mummy's belated birthday pressie.A trip to a relaxing 3D2N stay at Avillion PD.

You were so happy that day. Your first stay at a hotel. From that day onwards, mummy and daddy knew you actually love hotel stays.

That's you my dear, running into the suite excitedly.

You were such a curious little girl exploring all the drawers, cabinets and your surrounding.

Mummy & Daddy with you at the children's play room.

 Janice, you left a little palm print on their wall.

 That's your first time at the beach and you were not afraid of the sad AT ALL. Mummy & Daddy is so proud of you!

 Daddy took you on a walk

 You were enjoying the sunset and watching the bigger boys playing.

It was a lovely family trip. Thanks dearie for the gift ;)

Princess @ 14mths old

Baby Janice is at the stage whereby she hate SHOES. That's her with her puffy eyes and runny nose after a good cry rejecting shoes. The end result? Mummy 1- Janice-0

 A very talkative girl at 14mths old on the cordless phone

Sometimes, mummy thinks you looked a little like 'Boo' from Monster inc ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Janice brushes her own teeth at 18mths

This is the way I brush my teeth, so early in the morning...

Friday, December 17, 2010

First trip at the zoo @ 15mths old

 That's little Janice's first time seeing LIVE animals.

 Wouldn't want to be carried, wouldn't want to be held. She just wanna walk alone and explore her surroundings.

Grandma explains and she's concentrating on every word she say.

 Janice having her power lunch before we left the zoo that day. 
She nudge and said "Janice hungry".

Just the 3 of us ;)

The little lady kidnapped a giraffe from the zoo...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blogger meetup @ Marmalade Cafe BVII

2 weeks ago, was a longggggg overdue post :p I meet up with beautiful Annie with her 2 handsome boys! at Marmalade Cafe. Annie is one of my many blogger friends whom I've been chatting with for as long as I could remember but we NEVER MET before. Blame it on me, my excuses was always "going pok thor hence no time", "getting married hence no time", "going honeymoon hence no time", "making baby hence no time"..aha! Finally, I made a point to set an appointment with her on a beautiful Deepavali morning to have breakfast :D My favourite meal of the day! Hubby drop us off at the cafe while he go look at pretty ladies somewhere waited somewhere while we have some "Ladies chat". I crossed my fingers and ordered my food hoping the little lady would not create a fuss without the daddy. Thank God she was ok until the final 10 minutes... Thank GOD daddy arrives to rescue me :D

I shall let the photos do all the talking...

Janice with her birthday presents from Fearles and Cruz..

The boys are teaching Janice how to flip her new book. Thanks Annie, she's still flipping the book while I watch like a hawk everyday because she has an evil intention to "TEAR" those pages if I leave her alone!

"Hey mom... are you SURE I can drink these???"

My breakfast.. Corn cakes donno what what... I don't remember the name :p. That happens when you're too excited meeting up with a friend and handling a toddler at the same time! hah!

I definitely had a great morning chatting with Annie and seeing her two handsome boys! Annie say I'm a very quiet lady wor.. really?! :p

I'm looking forward to meet up with the rest of the 'silent readers' out there..ahem ahem.. you know who you are :p SOON!

Once again, a big thank you to Annie for the book and puzzle. NEXT TIME don't spent so much ok???!!!??? Umph!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Janice 1st Birthday Bash (PART 1): The cake, the door gifts and the arrival of guest


Baby Minnie themed 3 tier birthday cake for the little princess

I took leave on the eve of Janice's birthday to bake the cakes for the Minnie mouse theme party. Yiyi came over to my place that night and we started decorating. It took us 4 hours to complete the 2 tier decoration. The white cake with polka dots is made of Styrofoam inside ;).  Surprisingly, the difficult part of assembling the cake wasn't the making of Minnie Mouse sugar figurine but to me, it was the covering of  rolled fondant on the cake. It took us forever to do it! At 3:30am on the 30th Oct 2010, our 1st fondant cake was finally ready. *sweat*

                                                           THE DOOR GIFTS
Photo taken by Zara's mama. I was too busy that day, I terforgot to take a pic of the cookies for remembrance.

As for the door gifts for the guest, I've ordered these beautiful Minnie themed cookies from Zara's mama. I love her work and the cookies tasted great.

Each cookies we individually wrapped!!
                                                         THE PRE-CELEBRATION
She woke up to receive her  birthday presents from daddy and mommy!

The birthday girl woke up pretty early at 7 ish in the morning to greet the sleepy parents. She usually wakes up way past 8:30am on a normal day. Looks like she knew something was going to happen on that Saturday.She was so bubbly and happy the moment she woke. Daddy and mommy sang her the birthday song while we were still lazing on our bed and she was clapping her hands with excitement.

                                                                  DRESSING UP

After stuffing her with a power packed early lunch, it was time for the little princess to dress up for the party.Thank God she was cooperative that day with her new shoes. Usually, she'll find ways to remove them as soon as you put them on.

Janice's dressing up 30 minutes before party starts.

Her 1st pair of walking shoes. I love them more than her. She is not use to wearing shoes yet :0

                                                                THE PARTY

Everything went well according to my expectations. The Balloons from Balloon Buzz arrived on time to decorate the entire cafe. When we arrived, everything was in place according to plan. My princess was enjoying herself looking at all the colourful balloons floating around her!

Popo(grandma) showing Janice around the party venue.

Thanks to Balloon Buzz for delivering them on time and the balloon arrangement was simple and nice!

Grand aunt FL said "I can buy lottery already, Janice allowed me to carry her today" :D

The Sun, Chew & Chanclans reunited

It was a great opportunity for the family members to gather together on special occasions like these.

Something happened on the way to the cafe. Part of the cake was exposed to the sunlight in daddy's car, the back of the cake (lilac layer) was slighted melted. Thanks to the cafe boss for her help. She reassured me that she'll take care of the 'repairs'. SHE DID! I almost felt like giving her a big wet kiss.

Great grandpopo wishing the little party girl a blessed birthday!

Great Grand ah ma trying to let her hold the double blessings.

Grandma came to give the little sweety pie a gift while she looks on

Kong Kong trying to woo her :p


The birthday girl sitting among the party guest..

More photos to come....